Brahmin The Great-English



Shubhendra, a Brahmin, when reads Chanakya’s biography, he feels a great storm hitting inside him. Despite being a CEO in a multinational company and enjoying luxurious life in the USA, he is determined to do a great sacrifice for his Brahmin community. He quits his prestigious job and returns to India. He gets his head tonsured, puts on janeu and dhoti. He also ends all his relations with his family, power and riches, and becomes a sage. Bald head, dhoti, choti, janeu, and wearing wooden clogs, make him look like Kautilya. A jhola bag always slinging over his shoulder, which shows his responsibilities towards the Brahmin community.

Now, he is Junior Kautilya with a great mission to find the lost glory of Brahmins. Walking the entire India on foot helps him to study Brahmin’s lives closely. He found the poor Brahmins are struggling hard to feed their families. However, once they had enjoyed the highest position in the society. Junior Kautilya has only one mission, and that is, how to become a voice in the country. He wants to make Brahmins intellectual leaders again equipped with the power of great Vedas.