Brown desert-Novel

Brown desert

Salem Albe, a Palestinian, dreams to be a nuclear physicist in Oxford, but the sudden killing of his parents by Israeli army crushed his all ambition. Now, he resolves to eliminate the entire Jew community from Israel. For this purpose, he lays down the foundation of Brown Desert, BD, an underground organization to develop a dreaded virus named IV-786. By kidnapping several virologists across the world he puts them in his laboratory in Al Abbas Island in Arabian Sea where the virus is being researched. The network in Europe is also assisting in the kill-mission. One day a female Mossad agent Nitzan Renay, a Jew, is sent to London with the mission to assassinate Salem Albe, but she falls in his love. She was masquerading as a student. She conceals her Jewish identity until the end. When Salem was close to get the deadly virus, the reign of Brown Desert is taken by a fanatic Arabian cleric Zamil Jalal to kill not only the Jews, but all non-Muslims. He orders the killing of Salem Albe and Nitzan Renay. The enemies hound for the two lovers across the United Kingdom and Ireland, but they’re hardly traced. Will the virus IV-786 ever be a reality? What will happen to Salem